Art and Music

Touchstone Foundation has a dedicated department for promoting the Vedic art forms. Vedic arts like classical dance, folk dance, classical music and vocal arts, painting, dramatical arts, etc. are given great emphasis, as they demonstrate the cultural depth, finesse and vibrancy of the Vedic culture in its original sense. The organization firmly believes that this heritage can be preserved only if its experts firmly hold on to its roots and pass them on to the forthcoming generations.

To encourage the practicing artists to continue this heritage and to inspire more aspirants to take up these arts in their true spirit, numerous opportunities and platforms are provided to the artists to showcase their talents before a conducive audience. The organization patronizes these programs so that these artistic performances can serve as a sublime media to spread messages and spiritual and at the same time spread the awareness about the fast diminishing artistic treasures. Apart from the cultural concerts, the organization holds inter school fests and contests for students, to inspire the youngsters to take up these traditional arts seriously and carry them forward in true spirit.

Under the patronage of the Touchstone Foundation, many dance groups of all statures have staged their performances. To name a few are the esteemed dance groups Darpana Academy of Ahmedabad, led by the renowned classical dancer Smt. Mallika Sarabhai and Bansuri Group from Vrindavan under the leadership of Shri Vinay Goswami, the well known bhajan singer. Other prominent dance groups that have showcased their fine arts under the banner of the organization are Aks Dance School of Ahmedabad, famous for its expertise in Gujarati folk dance and the internationally acclaimed dancer Shri Bharat Baria and group. Shri Bharat Baria has won accolades all over the world for his dance of one hundred lamps.

In the field of Music also the organization has played an equally important role. Many renowned singers like Shri Manhar Udhas, the internationally famous bhajan singer and Shri Hemant Chauhan the well known personality in the field of Gujarati devotional music have showcased their talents for the pleasure of the Lord. Other famous artists like Shri Sachin Limaye and Shri Nayan Pancholi are to name a few. Many budding artists have also received opportunities to offer their God given talents in the service of the Lord, through the medium of the Touchstone Foundation.