Cow Protection

Since ancient times mankind has depended on cows for its survival. As the scriptures inform that the prime food for human beings is grains, vegetables, fruits and milk. From the time of birth the most important thing for a person is mother’s milk which vitalizes the body of the child. As the child grows, its food requirements increase and the mother’s milk needs to be supplemented. Thereafter, cow’s milk is the only and most beneficial option for the child and thus, cow has been honored with the position and respect of mother. In the diet of a human being, milk a very important ingredient along with grains, vegetables, and fruits. The cultivation of these agricultural products has also depended upon cows and bulls since time immemorial. Bulls are used for tilling the land, their refuse is used as manure for fertilizing the land. This shows the dependence of our civilization upon the cows. Due to these and many more factors the Vedic society has been worshiping and serving the cows.

In the modern times due to urbanization, cow protection has taken a back stage and suffered a great deal, due to which instead of cows, people depend upon buffalos and other animals for milk. Even today people desire to get cow’s milk and it’s derivations like curd, butter and ghee. But due to the matter of convenience and lack of time people desist from serving the cows and gradually the knowledge about the significance of cows adoption of the benefits from the cows is diminishing.

All these factors result in the agonizing plight of the cows. The cows are being left uncared for on the roads or being dragged to the slaughterhouses due to ignorance of their position and benefits. The only way to prevent the cows from such painful suffering awareness needs to be spread and the utilization of cow’s milk and other harmlessly derived products should be introduced in society.

Touchstone Foundation Ahmedabad is proactively working in spreading this awareness through various means. It also runs a ‘gaushala’ cow protection center named Sri Radha Madhav Gaushala to practically demonstrate and educate the masses in importance of cows and their protection.