Cultural Promotion


Indian culture is one of the most ancient and advanced cultures. Time has witnessed that over the centuries and millennias many civiliations have risen and vanished but the Indian Vedic civilization is still alive because its roots are laid deep into the fertile and firm grounds of Vedic knowledge. History has been a witness to the precious gifts that Vedas have given to the world in the field of knowledge, arts, science, music and above all spirituality. But in the due course of time, under the influence of the western culture, the age-old pristine Vedic culture is losing its hold and the masses are drifting towards modernization of life.

Through its cultural department, the Touchstone Foundation is striving hard for the preservation and promotion of Vedic culture in various respects like spirituality, traditions, art forms, cow protection, education, etc. To this effect, the organization is constantly engaged in conducting different kinds of activities like educational programs, traditional festivals, educational tours, distribution of Vedic literatures, promotion of art and music, nagar sankirtans, gaushala, etc.

Touchstone Foundation firmly believes that the culture can be preserved and promoted when it is carried forward with the proper spirit generation after generation just as it has been coming forth from the days of yore. Through the involvement of the well-trained volunteers of Touchstone Foundation all these activities are carefully conducted in order to retain their very spirit and purpose. Specialized departments take care of activities and create various avenues where people can come together to showcase, learn, and get inspired by the diverse and vibrant aspects of Indian culture.