Education Centers

Touchstone Foundation runs educational centers at various locations to encourage the interested students to come and stay in these centers to get deeper understanding of the Vedic spiritual culture. These residential centers provide theoretical and practical training on Vedic culture to the inmates under the expert guidance of the experienced mentors. The inmates, even while pursuing their academic or professional lives, learn to adopt the Vedic principles in their daily routine and thus greatly benefitting from it.


The Education centers admit only young bachelors, below thirty years of age, with an inclination towards leading a healthy, peaceful, and regulated life. The association of the spiritual guides and the like-minded fellow inmates provides a favorable atmosphere for a sattvic life and encourages them to adopt spiritual practices which takes them to higher levels of peace, guides them to channelize energies effectively and thus, transforms them into a better person.

These centers promise a no-smoke, no-drink environment and entails that its residents follow the basic rules and regulations like, attending the routine program of meditation and Gita classes, abstaining from alcohol/drugs/meat/sex, keeping the hostel clean and tidy, maintaining harmonious relationship with the fellow members, using the provided resources judiciously. A wholesome and delicious vegetarian food is served three times a day.

The greatest advantage, however, is the opportunity to stay with like-minded people in an environment that is friendly, encouraging and cultured. Life at its very best!