Annadaan Hall Nirman

Annadanam is considered as one of the highest forms of service to humanity. At Hare Krishna Mandir Ahmedabad, we offer prasadam food to all our visitors and the poor people residing in the vicinity of the temple. We serve khichadi, dal, roti, sabji, and rice as a part of the Annadanam service.

We need your support

It is our endeavour to continue the Annadanam service as well as provide visitors a clean, hygienic place to relish the food. For this, we require your support:

  • Annadanam Hall Nirman Seva:¬†Support us to construct a big hall that can accommodate 200 people at one time, so that we can serve at least 25000-30000 people every week.
  • Kitchen Expansion Seva:¬†Help us to expand and upgrade our current kitchen with modern amenities to cook healthy and nutritious food for 1,000 people in just 3-4 hours. This will help us to extend our Annadana service to many more needy people and temple visitors.