Welfare Activities

Touchstone Foundation Ahmedabad is taking many initiatives to play an important role in society’s upliftment. Through the hospital feeding program, a freshly cooked healthy and nutritious meal is supplied to the patients in all the Government hospitals. Catering to the dietary requirements of different categories of patients suffering from different diseases like diabetes, hypertension, chronic ailments, etc., different kinds of menu, customized to their specific needs, are prepared and served. This program also serves the attendants who accompany the patients during their treatment in the hospitals. This program has won great appreciation from all sections of society.

Through another regular, pre-planned program young students from schools across the city are brought to Touchstone Foundation Ahmedabad for a joyful retreat. Students from all standards are welcomed and oriented in basic moral and spiritual values through interactive sessions and activities. They are taken on a tour of the Touchstone Foundation kitchen facility and taught about the selfless service rendered to the needy people of the society. These small gestures plant the seed of compassion, brotherhood, morality, and many more good qualities in young hearts.

Other welfare activities include educating the prison inmates, providing food relief during natural disasters and calamities. Touchstone Foundation Ahmedabad has actively participated in COVID relief programs.