Yoga Classes

Can every human achieve all that they want, be it for themselves personally or for their near and dear ones? Is this just a dream? If it’s not just a dream, what‘s the secret of this magical word ‘success’?


This world is known as a place of action and one cannot be here without working even for a moment. This action takes us through innumerable ups and downs as if a ship getting tossed in the turbulent waves of ocean. In this crest and trough of life there is always a great struggle for existence which takes a heavy toll on our physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual well being, forcing a man to think on ‘giving up’. A similar situation was faced by Arjuna thousands of years back, in the battlefield of Kurukshetra, when he decided give up and walk away. To the great fortune of Arjuna, he had the infallible guidance of Lord Sri Krishna that not only revived his dutiful consciousness but also led Him to a glorious victory.

Lord Krishna never changed the external situations of Arjuna, like the battlefield, the enemies, the profession, etc. Lord Krishna just changed the perception of Arjuna towards life and its goal. The very same knowledge of Yoga is available with all of us today in the form of Bhagavad-gita and this knowledge is being disseminated through the regularly conducted Gita Classes.


These classes are open to all sections of the society and especially directed towards addressing the most debilitating issues of the youth like handling stress, controlling anger, conquering the mind, etc. These classes equip the youth with the infallible tools of leading a meaningful and joyful life, as given in the immortal teachings of Lord Krishna to Arjuna and receive the same result of ‘glorious victory’ as Arjuna did. Meditation sessions, practical workouts, real life experiences, case studies, etc. form the structure of these classes, which makes the teachings of Bhagavad-gita very easily understandable and practical.